069: Mindset & Technical Keys To Trading Income (@DeltaNinety)

Anmol Singh: Mindset & Technical Keys To Trading Income

In episode 69 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Anmol Singh, a stock, and Forex trader. The thing I find interesting about Anmol is the efforts he puts to trade those two markets both intraday and swing.

In short, this interview is packed with very tactical and comprehensive tips in regards to trading routines and the “how-to-trade” aspect. However, Anmol surprised me by sharing great advice on building a mindset that will help you generate an income from trading.

I sincerely believe that the way to improve the most consists of improving your mindset and state of mind prior to trading. Anmol had great tips on that.

Overall, one of the biggest lessons you can get from this interview is the power of walking away from your trading desk. Often times, you are much better removing yourself from the equation and leaving the market do its job. Your job as a trader is to accept the loss or profit and to keep executing as you should. You shouldn't be there to watch every single move the market does as this will often push you to act or feel stressed. It's simply counter-productive.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How Anmol Singh started to trade both stocks and currencies.
  • Specific trading routines that give results.
  • How to get yourself into the right trading mindset.
  • How to use reward & punishment – concrete examples that work.
    • “Treat yourself like a dog” 🙂
  • The backtesting, forward-testing, and tracking basics.
  • The power of walking away from your trading desk.
  • The differences between stocks and Forex trading.
  • The biggest challenge Anmol faced in trading.
  • And much more!

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069: Mindset & Technical Keys To Trading Income (@DeltaNinety)