052: The Art Of Technical Analysis And Trading Ideas (@daytradesignals)

The Art Of Technical Analysis And Trading Ideas - Jason Sen

Jason Sen: The Art Of Technical Analysis And Trading Ideas

In episode 52 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Jason Sen, a Forex trader and technical analysts with a lot of experience working for institutional clients. Jason is also the man behind Day Trade Ideas.

Jason currently lives the good life in Thailand, a well-merited location as he started to trade in early in college (1987) when his father introduced him to trading. He quickly got into stocks and was surrounded by charts, which he learned to interpret.

What I really like about Jason is his simple approach to technical analysis. He uses it to provide technical reports and trading ideas to his clients without making things too complicated. He is the perfect person to tell you what you should focus on when looking at a Forex currency pair, or any other market.

A very important concept discussed in this podcast episode concerns how to deal with a series of losses. Those are inevitable and Jason went through several series of losses. He was then a very good person to get advice from.


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Cheat Sheet / Topics Covered – Jason Sen

  • How Jason started to trade in 1987
  • How traders can work for banks & institutions
  • The technical analysis tools Jason looks at
  • The habits contributing to Jason's trading success
  • The things that are important to consider vs. just noise
  • How to deal with a series of losses
  • And much more!

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052: The Art Of Technical Analysis And Trading Ideas (@daytradesignals)