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024: Common Problems Preventing You To Succeed In Forex Trading (@Chaz23j)

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Charles Miles Trade Empowered Interview

Charles Miles: Problems Preventing You To Succeed In Forex Trading

Charles Miles is a struggling retail Forex trader turned professional, and former client now turned trading coach for Trade Empowered, a company specializing in creating independent and consistently profitable traders. He helps traders from all over the world, achieve the success they want and deserve. He came on the podcast to describe what it takes to succeed in Forex trading.

Over the course of episode 24, Charles shared common problem he sees Forex traders make most often. Among them, operating on fear and not testing properly a trading plan are two common causes of Forex trader failures.

I've been in the same situation, which made it very easy for me to relate. Charles' dedication to helping fellow traders makes him a great guest for the podcast.

After listening to the episode, I recommend you check if you personally experience any of the common problems – to succeed in Forex trading – mentioned in this podcast episode. But don't stop there! Also, think of what your next step could be to reach the next level.

There are only two times successful people must be concerned with: the future, and most importantly NOW. Click To Tweet

What’s covered in the podcast?

  • The main problems traders face to succeed in Forex trading
  • How you MUST, as a trader, test your trading plan
  • How you can turn a losing strategy into a winning one
  • What it's like to help traders
  • And so much more…

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