048: A Futures Trader Who Dropped Out of School And Made It Happen – Chris Claflin

Chris Claflin: A Futures Trader Who Dropped Out of School

In episode 48 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Chris Claflin, a Futures trader who dropped out of school to pursue a career as a retail trader.

Chris started to trade in College. Learning to trade wasn't an easy task while he was pursuing studies to become a dentist. Soon, however, Chris dropped out of school as he realized he could make more money trading than working in dentistry. That was an important step forward in his trading journey.

These days, Chris is primarily a trend trader. That means he focuses on entering in the direction of strong market trends, hoping that the trend will keep going. Several traders interviewed on the Desire To Trade Podcast adopt this trading style. What distinguishes Chris, however, is that he often looks to catch up trends within a larger trend. His trades are therefore in alignment.


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Question & Cheat Sheet – Chris Claflin

  • How Chris got introduced to Forex trading
  • The danger of Forex scams
  • The basics of trend trading
  • Why Chris isn't a fan or Forex and prefers futures
    • Regulations, barriers to entry & more…
  • What traders should focus on
    • It's about protecting your trading capital
  • What it looks like to be a futures trader who dropped out of school
  • And much more!


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048: A Futures Trader Who Dropped Out of School And Made It Happen – Chris Claflin