078: The ‘Chartman’ On Successfully Trading Chart Patterns – Daryl Guppy

Daryl Guppy: Successfully Trading Chart Patterns

In episode 78 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Daryl Guppy, a trader with a well-established public record of successful trade calls for trading local and global equity, commodity and FX markets. He has unique experience in trading Western and mainland Chinese markets. He is also recognized as an international investment master and his the author of 9 popular trading books.

More on Daryl Guppy

He has developed several technical indicators which are included in industry standard software such as DZH International, Reuters Metastock, and Omnitrader as well as many other charting programs. He developed the ANTSSYS trading indicators for commodity, index and currency markets available with AxiCorp.  Globally many traders use the technical indicators developed by Guppy to trade equities and other markets.

Guppy provides strategic market analysis for CNBC business television in his weekly column and regular TV interviews. He is a regular host anchor on CNBC Asia Squawkbox where he is known as “The Chartman”.   Daryl is a regular contributor to financial magazines and media in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia and the US.   He is a weekly columnist for Singapore’s The Edge,  Business Times, China Daily and Shanghai Security News.    He oversees the production of weekly analysis and trading newsletters for the Singapore / Malaysia market, and Australian markets.

Daryl Guppy is recognized as a leading expert on China markets.   He is in demand internationally as a speaker at financial conferences and for the delivery of training for financial organizations in Singapore, China and other parts of  Asia. He has been invited to speak in more than 17 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and America. 

He is a member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts, the Australian Technical Analysts Association, the Technical Analysts Association Singapore and Malaysian Technical  Analysts Association.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How Daryl started to trade looking only at the price
  • Why Daryl relies mostly on chart patterns
  • How to spot reliable charts patterns in the market
  • How to go about placing your stop loss (new insights!)
  • Why trading is about S.E.X. (and how to apply it)
  • The difference between Asian and American markets
  • Why you can't transfer chart patterns precisely to the Forex market
  • And much more!

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078: The ‘Chartman’ On Successfully Trading Chart Patterns – Daryl Guppy