004: Trading Lifestyle & The Evolution Of A Forex Trader (@TradingHeroes)

Hugh Kimura: Trading Lifestyle & The Evolution of a Forex Trader

Trading Lifestyle & The Evolution Of A Forex Trader – Show Notes

Hugh Kimura, the founder of Trading Heroes, is a Forex trader in the progress toward leaving his job to trade Forex full-time.

Through his podcast The Trading Lifestyle Podcast, he interviews traders escaping the 9-5 lifestyle to live extraordinary lives.

All his work of interviewing traders reminds us that living the lifestyle we want while trading is actually possible and achieved by several traders around the world.

What Hugh discovered is that when people are self-sufficient and make more money than they need, they can then focus on things that have a meaning to them. They are free to pursue hobbies, travel and support causes that are important to them.

Becoming a sufficient trader is tough. It doesn't happen overnight. That is testified by all the guests of the Desire To Trade Podcast.  However, there are still things we can do to reach this level of self-sufficiency.

Hugh came on the podcast to share exactly what it takes to achieve the trading lifestyle after evolving as a Forex trader.

Books Mentioned

Hugh Kimura maintains a list of recommended trading books. Among them are:

Market Wizards by Jack Schwager

Trading, Sex & Dying by Juel Anderson

Trading With Passion And Purpose by Mark Whistler

For more great book recommendations, I recommend you head over to The Forex Trading Books That Incredibly Improved My Trading.

Resources Mentioned

  1. The Trading Lifestyle Podcast
  2. Trading Heroes' Resources
  3. Walter Peters
  4. Millionaire Mind Experience (Free)

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004: Trading Lifestyle & The Evolution Of A Forex Trader (@TradingHeroes)