011: The World of Automated Trading (@Kirill_Eremenko)

The Fascinating World Of Automated Trading - Kirill Eremenko

The Fascinating World Of Automated Trading (Kirill Eremenko) – Show Notes

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Kirill Eremenko is a data scientist and Forex systems expert. In very simple terms, he uses data from the Forex market to create automated trading systems. Although the process of creating automated trading systems (also called Expert Advisors) is complex, Kirill explains it very simply!

Interestingly, Kirill Eremenko started trading manually and still does it from time to time. However, his passion for data science made him create automated systems that run almost 24/7 and generate great profit.

According to Kirill, almost anyone can find information to create an automated system. Moreover, systems can be used in trading for almost anything.

While trading systems reduce the room for human errors, they are also slightly limited. In the end, it comes down to finding something you are confident will produce results.

As tedious as the process of creating a system may seem, Kirill transformed this into much simple action steps through several courses he created for Udemy.


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So many things were covered in the podcast including:

  • How Kirill Eremenko Started Trading
  • How Kirill went from $1,000 to $15,000
  • How he lost $10,000 overnight
  • Why the brain is the most powerful computer
  • What steps are necessary to create a great automated system
  • The myth of being good at programming
  • Kirill's favorite books
  • Action steps to start
  • And much more…

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011: The World of Automated Trading (@Kirill_Eremenko)