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DTTP 012: Inspiration, Action Steps & The Power of Visualization w/ Daniel Garnier

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Episode 12 – Desire To Trade Podcast

Daniel Garnier transitioned from working in a multi-level marketing company he didn't really enjoyed to  trading Forex for himself and other people. His main goal right now resides in educating people to create results in trading.

Like most traders, he lost his first few accounts and ended up withdrawing the last $6.32 off his $3,000 account. The main thing Daniel didn't have was education but on a more psychological perspective.

He needed someone to push him structuring his trading. Akil Stokes, the previous guest on the Desire To Trade Podcast, was his main inspiration in becoming a successful trader. Interestingly enough, upon the recording, Akil was listening to this interview on Periscope.

Daniel mentioned a few times the importance of visualization. Having goals isn't enough in his opinion. The key is in feeling what the outcome looks like.

So many things were covered in the podcast including:

  • Daniel's beginning as a trader
  • How $3,000 went out his account as fast as they went in
  • The structure Daniel needed to become profitable
  • Why taking responsibility is powerful
  • Daniel's use the power of visualization to boost his success
  • Action steps for new and struggling traders
  • And much more…
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