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018: Freedom Lifestyle Through Options Trading – @OptionAlpha

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Freedom Lifestyle Through Options Trading

Freedom Lifestyle Through Options Trading – Show Notes

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Kirk Du Plessis is the man and trader behind OptionAlpha.com, a site that teaches people how to generate consistent monthly income from options trading.

What is interesting about Kirk is his background. He worked as an investment banker in New York, a REIT Analyst in Washington, and then helped co-found a Hedge Fund. However, although is background looks awesome, Kirk went through harder times. In fact, learning to trade wasn't easy… He wasted 1.5 year and lost $15,000 trying to day trade. That is something I wish will never happen to you.

But here's the good part of the story…

Today, Kirk lives comfortably with his wife and daughter. He is free to take a vacation whenever he wants because trading allows that. His best advice resides in learning the right stuff and always thinking in terms of probabilities. He believes that by looking at the big picture and backtesting their trading strategies, new and existing traders can achieve massive success.
A quick note on Option Alpha
OptionAlpha.com has been built by Kirk 8 years ago. It acts as an education platform for people to generate consistent monthly income from options trading. There are hundreds of well-detailed videos explaining precisely what to do. Along with that, Kirk is there to support its members. The best thing about all this? All the videos are free to watch and accessible to anyone!
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What's covered in the podcast?

  • The importance of thinking about probabilities
  • The best explanation of how options trading works
  • Making sure your trading strategy is right
  • Why being an option trader is awesome
  • And much more…

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