DTTP 021: Living Happy And Trading For Your Personality w/ Alwin Ng

Desire To Trade Podcast – Episode 21

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I've been so impatient to record this podcast because there's a long story behind it.

Here we go…

In winter 2015, I was traveling to Hong Kong. As I was discussing with my aunt living in Hong Kong and saying I was trading Forex, she told me her cousin was involved in trading as well. At the time, I hadn't really spoken to any trader but decided to get in touch with her cousin, Alwin Ng.

I quickly discovered that Alwin was trading Forex like I did. He had his blog (which I read a lot).

Alwin helped me a lot to structure my trading and make a winning trading plan through his 30-Day Trading Transformation Program. Moreover, I was astonished by his way of explaining price action.

It took me a long time to schedule this interview but I'm so glad to have it for you.


Using trading as a tool for what you want

Alwin Ng is a Forex trader based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His philosophy of trading is very similar to mine. He describes trading, Forex in his case, as a tool to achieve and do whatever you aspire to. This is an important point to make because life is short. Trading, however, allows you to escape the masses to live your life on your own terms.

I must say I had an ahah! moment when Alwin started talking about increasing your return as a trader. The thing to remember here is that the goal isn't to maximize your return at first. The main objective is to get a consistent return. As Alwin said it, a consistent 3% return monthly is wonderful. Then traders can scale up without blowing up their trading accounts.

Alwin explained how he is able to clean his clients' old beliefs through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). That is simply fascinating.

At several occasions, Alwin discussed the importance of trading to be happy. It's great to trade but the prime goal is to live the life we wish to live.

We spent the last part of the interview talking about the 30-Day Trading Transformation Program eBook Alwin created for himself. I, myself, went through this program and got amazing results. The goal of this eBook is to guide through the process of creating a trading plan based on the desired lifestyle.

What’s covered in the podcast?

  • Why beliefs must be mastered to become a great trader
  • How to clean old your beliefs
  • Why traders aren't able to control emotions and what to do instead
  • How to increase your trading return very simply
  • How to set your trading so that you can live fulfilled and happy
  • How to take control of your routines
  • And so much more…

One sentence of advice to thrive in trading

You must master 3 things:

  • Understand the market
  • Know yourself
  • Get a system

…but master them in this order!

The 30 Day Trading Transformation

trading transformation

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How To Find Alwin Ng?

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DTTP 021: Living Happy And Trading For Your Personality w/ Alwin Ng