DTTP 022: Boosting Your Energy For An Awesome Life w/ Glenn Ost

Desire To Trade Podcast – Episode 22

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Here comes the beginning of the year, a time at which people are looking to improve their lives. Some join the gyms, others write out tons of resolutions in the hope that things will change by themselves. However, in life, nothing happens without energy. Boosting your energy is the first step to living the life you truly want to live. Enough energy is also what will make a difference in your trading results!

Boosting Your Energy

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Glenn Ost has been working in the Health & Fitness Industry for over 13 years as a International Health Consultant & Personal Trainer, hereby turning his hobby into a full blown career.  He has been working with people from all continents and all ages but is specialized in working with male lifestyle entrepreneurs between the ages 20 and 40.

The last 5 years he has been focussing on developing longterm vibrant health & energy strategies for his clients and for himself.  If you have ever met him, you will certainly remember him as one of the Most Positive and Energetic person you will ever meet, someone who is always prepared to share his knowledge and energy with the world.

He is the Positive Energy Multiplier & Chief Of Edutainment at www.GlennOst.TV, his personal website where he hosts his own edutaining webshow. His mission is to Touch, Move and Inspire millions of entrepreneurs Worldwide to become REAL Game Changers, having a Significant & Positive impact & making this world a better place!

He uses edutaining wepisodes to deliver the Simple yet Profound Insights, Skills and Strategies he gathered along his extensive journey to the Ultimate Health, Energy & Fitness.

What’s covered in the podcast?

  • The food that gives the most energy
  • The steps you can take to gain more energy
  • The controversial impact of sleep duration on energy
  • 5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Energy Now!
  • And so much more…

The Energy Boosting Mindmap

Mindmap Energy Awareness

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DTTP 022: Boosting Your Energy For An Awesome Life w/ Glenn Ost