026: Advice From a Former Trader & Current Investor (@Stig_Brodersen)

026: Advice From a Former Trader & Current Investor - Stig Brodersen

Stig Brodersen: Former Trader & Current Investor

Episode 26 of the Desire To Trade Podcast features Stig Brodersen, the co-host of The Investors Podcast – We study billionaires, which was featured in The Podcasts I Follow To Become A Better Trader.

During graduate school, he co-founded a consultancy firm, providing clients with legal and financial advice relating to personal finance. Upon graduation, Stig sold his shares in the firm to become a commodities trader in one of Europe’s leading energy trading companies.

Now, Stig works as a college professor teaching a variety of courses including financial accounting, investment, and economics while running the investment company Stig Brodersen Holding.

He also has authored multiple books on investing including  The Warren Buffett Accounting Book, which I highly recommend to those wanting to get into value investing.


In This Podcast Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How it is to trade electricity & why Stig left his job to concentrate on investing
  • How to make investing (or trading) work for you
  • Why the mindset you currently have changes everything in trading
  • The books you must read (to become a billionaire)
  • And so much more…

Stig Brodersen is the author of…

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026: Advice From a Former Trader & Current Investor (@Stig_Brodersen)