DTTP 028: Habits That Lead To Success In Trading w/ Johan Nordstrom

Desire To Trade Podcast – Episode 28

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Habits That Lead To Success In Trading

Episode 28 of the Desire To Trade Podcast features Johan Nordstrom, a Forex trader living in Sweden. Johan launched TradingWalk, a website where he shows how to trade the markets in a smart yet powerful way and profit for life. He's also working on a free day trading video course!

This podcast episode turned out to highlight some important habits traders should adopt. One of the measures Johan tracks helps him stick to his plan. He mentioned the importance of establishing goals based on the trading process. Without goals, traders don't know how good they are.

Johan, as an European trader must deal with another market than North American traders. I asked him about the pairs he prefers to trade.

We also exchanged about a couple of nice places worth traveling to!

What’s covered in the podcast?

  • How to set goals as a trader
  • How to meditate for great trading results
  • A simple way to stick to your trading plan
  • Implementing visualization for success
  • What is the right mindset traders should get into trading with
  • The famous typical trader's day
  • Which pairs are best to trade as a European trader
  • And so much more…

Johan's best advice

Success in trading is the sum of small habits. @tradingwalk Click To Tweet

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DTTP 028: Habits That Lead To Success In Trading w/ Johan Nordstrom