DTTP 001: Get Started Trading Forex On The Right Foot w/ Andrew Mitchem

Desire To Trade Podcast – Episode 001

Andrew Mitchem has a fascinating story. Now a Forex trading coach, he started as a farmer and transitioned into trading almost by accident in 2003. His start as a trader wasn't as easy as it might be. A method using Price Action has overtime became his way of trading. Today, he still trades while flying helicopters and running his online business (including articles, podcasts, videos, and webinars).

In this Forex trading podcast, Andrew gives a lot of advice on how new traders can get started trading in Forex and use a strategy that really works. He shares what are the common mistakes traders make in the beginning, including trading on very small time frames.

Lastly, Andrew has some great projects he's working on. Trading on a bigger account and helping other succeed are motivating factors.


  1. Andrew's Website: The Forex Trading Coach
  2. Andrew's Podcast: Online Forex Trading Course
  3. Andrew Mitchem's Forex Price Action Trading Course (a lot of testimonials available!)

Andrew offers FREE weekly trading webinars for both new and existing traders. To register, click here!

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DTTP 001: Get Started Trading Forex On The Right Foot w/ Andrew Mitchem