Edgewonk Creator Tells You Exactly How To Trade Forex Full-Time And Make A Living!

Edgewonk Creator Tells You Exactly How To Trade Forex Full-Time!

February 15th, 2017: In this vlog, I go to Victoria Peak with Moritz Czubatinski from Tradeciety. He is also the co-creator of Edgewonk, the trading journal software. We do a special Q&A session where I ask Moritz how to trade Forex full-time (i.e. how to go through each stage a Forex trader faces).

After this amazing view of Hong Kong, I meet with Matthew Lee, a friend working in the online space.

Edgewonk - How To Trade Forex Full-Time
Meeting up with my friend Matthew for lunch!

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How To Trade Forex Full-Time: Get A Trading Journal!

While I've discussed several times in the past the importance of having a solid trading journal, I still see many traders without any journal. Having one is essential when looking at how to trade Forex full-time!

A trading journal allows you to track your trades & thoughts. The powerful thing about it is that you can then ask yourself questions to review how you performed and find ways to improve.

Whatever journaling method you decide to use, stay consistent with it.

Moritz Czubatinski is the co-creator of Edgewonk, a trading journal software that was recommended multiple times by the guests of my podcast.

I must apologize as the sound of this video is a little bit impacted by the wind on the Peak.

Edgewonk, the trading journal software, has been mentioned by the guests of my podcast several times. If you want to see how highly successful traders use it, here are some interviews to listen to:

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Edgewonk - How To Trade Forex Full-Time - Hong Kong View
The view in Hong Kong always amazed me…

How To Find Moritz Czubatinski

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Edgewonk Creator Tells You Exactly How To Trade Forex Full-Time And Make A Living!