Every Trader Should Trade For An Investor (at least once!)

Every Trader Should Trade For An Investor

A lot of people get into trading to make it their full-time income one day.

That is most likely your case as well.

Now, when you're at the stage of scaling up, most traders think there are 2 options:

  • Trade for myself (own capital)
  • Trade for others (external capital)

In other words, people think that you should go in either way depending on your circumstances.

But I'm gonna disagree!

You don't have to pick just one.

In fact, every trader should at least once in their life trade for others.

I personally learned a lot by managing a private investor's account back in 2016.

I was given $70k and traded it alongside my own capital

…and it definitely helped me become a better trader,

The reason is this:

If you learn to trade for someone else, you'll be ready to trade for yourself.

That's because trading professionally exposes you to pressure, reporting to an e investor or prop firm, and feeling that trading must be treated seriously.

You'd be surprised how many full-time traders still don't take their trading seriously and get stuck in ups & downs of the equity curve.

It's something that would have been fixed if they learned and practiced managing investors' money.

So my hope is that – even though you have $100k saved up for trading – you give a shot at trading for others.

Not for the capital gains, but for the experience!

And the good news is that…

I'm hosting a FREE training this Saturday on that topic!

9:00am EDT / 3:00pm London


If you have any questions about trading for others, comment below,

and I'll be sure to cover those during the training!

Keep crushing it! πŸ’ͺπŸ“ˆ

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Every Trader Should Trade For An Investor (at least once!)