051: Adapting Forex Trading To Your Lifestyle – (@IamAdamJowett)

Adam Jowett: Adapting Forex Trading To Your Lifestyle

Adam Jowett: Adapting Forex Trading To Your Lifestyle

In episode 51 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Adam Jowett, a Forex swing trader I highly respect for his experience and his blog AdamJowett.com.

Adam has learned to build trading around his personality and the lifestyle he wanted. He has been trading various methods on the Forex market over the years, but currently, focuses on trading the 4hr and daily charts.

I came across Adam's blog several times and got really interested when I discovered his Forex Market Session Indicator (available to download below). I personally used it to backtest trading strategies on different market sessions of the Forex market.

In this interview, Adam shares some of the best tips and insights he got from 15 years as a trader. Living in Australia, he had to adapt. However, the good thing about the Forex market is that you can trade it 24 hours a day. For instance, due to his time zone, Adam used to focus on the Asian session.

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Cheat Sheet / Topics Covered – Adam Jowett

  • Adam's learning process 
  • How Adam started to trade small and scaled up
  • Adam's worst trades
  • How Adam classifies a good trade
  • The differences between day and swing trading
  • How to meet other traders
  • The main differences between winning and losing traders Adam met
  • And much more!

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The music at the end of the podcast has been produced by Daniel Hoshor. If you want custom & tailor-made music for your business, make sure to check him out at www.thedannyboiexperience.com.

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051: Adapting Forex Trading To Your Lifestyle – (@IamAdamJowett)