From $5k to $70k in one afternoon

Are you playing too small?

If you had told me when I started trading that I'd go from trading $5k myself to $70k for a private investor in one afternoon…

I'd probably say “who the hell would want to give me that money??”

And if you told me that one day I'd have over $450k of my own capital at my disposal to trade…

It would have felt awesome, but I'd have replied back saying, “I can't do that.”

Yet it's crazy what happens when you do the work, surround yourself with “heavy players”, and stay confident that things will work out.

Let me explain…

Contrary to what some people might think, I didn't succeed in trading because I had a ton of capital to begin with.

I started out as a university student – initially on a $700 account when I was learning.

But as I got better at trading, I hit a breaking point.

It was sorta like a reality check… because I had set myself a deadline to start trading full-time at the end of my university degree.

I had 6 months left but only around $5k in my own trading account.

Doing the math, it was clear that I wouldn't be able to trade & travel full-time even in Asia (on my 4-8%/month returns).

And honestly, I had already saved up the money I could… working multiple jobs over the past 2 years.

I kept going even though I wasn't sure whether my “deadline” would happen or not.

1-2 months went by and I connected with an investor who attended a trader meetup I was part of.

After a quick coffee chat at his office, he offered me $70k to start trading with.

It seemed like a lot back then – 14x my account size!

So I made sure to set up low expectations for that investor.

Fast-forward 4 months, I couldn't be happier…

That $70k account was making me a little under $1.8k/mo.

Not a lot…

But enough to leave Canada for a while and start trading & traveling in Asia.

Once my profits got a little bigger, I saved up and re-invested them into my own account.

Rinse & repeat until got close to $50k by myself.

Truth is?

I knew I didn't always want to have an investor watching my back.

So I got away from it to focus on building my own account.

And incorporating other strategies & developing algos over the years.

But if you were to ask me…

I still think getting external capital is the fastest way to scale up your trading.

Growing a tiny account just takes a lot more time, effort, and risk.

If that's what you want… I'm cool with that 🙂

But if you're up for a better way?

Where you could scale up to a 6-7 figure account by leveraging *nowadays* online prop firms…

Check out how I've helped over 274 traders on that journey:

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Keep crushing it 💪📈

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From $5k to $70k in one afternoon