Full-Time Traders Aren’t Living The Way You Think!

Full-time traders aren't living the way you think!

A few days ago I went to visit Scott Phillips in Bangkok. Remember him?

If not, you can watch this earlier interview (recorded exactly 1 year ago!).

Anyways, it was great talking to him about anything & everything!

But it reminded me, once again, of this principle.

There's a HUGE gap in the way “fake” traders and “real” traders live.


Here are a few examples:

– “Fake” traders spend their days around fancy cars and thus waste money that could be re-invested with a 20-50% ROI.

– “Fake” traders spend love to talk about their wins, but not the process.

– “Fake” traders say “knowledge is power” pretending you need to get more info to get rich.

On the other side, here's what I've noticed 99.5% of the time when I talk to “real” traders:

– “Real” traders save a bigger % of their income as they make more money.

Sidenote: both Scott and I live in apartments that cost less than $1k/month. That allows us to save a huge chunk of capital year over year! I've also talked with a trader that lives on only 1% of his income!

– “Real” traders would rather become better at something (focused on growth) than waste time on partying.

– “Real” traders save a bigger % of their income as they make more money.

– “Real” traders aren't trying to impress by showing their P&L or the new stuff they buy.

Now don't get me wrong…

I'm not saying all partying is bad or that you got to not spend money on cool things. I'm all for that too.

But your results in trading & your level of financial freedom all comes down to what you do daily.

In a word of Instagram, you can either try to impress or you can get shit done.

And although I like to share my life with other people to inspire, I'll always favor action and getting closer to my goals in life.

If you want to learn more about what real traders do daily, watch this video!

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Keep crushing it! 💪📈

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Full-Time Traders Aren’t Living The Way You Think!