How To Find Motivation For Trading

How To Find Motivation For Trading

If you've been trading for more than 3-5 years,

you most likely experienced getting unmotivated with trading.

Past the initial excitement of potentially trading full-time

…you'll find a lack of discipline to doing the required work.

So what do successful traders do to keep their minds sharp and focused?

They shut down their charts and charge their mind and body.

Today I'd like to share with you ways to recharge

…after a crazy or tough trading week:

1. Reflect on bigger goals, not trades.

Most people I coach in the Desire To TRADE Academy spend their week looking at short-term moves

…but they forget about the big picture.

Sometimes it's better to put the charts away and think big!

Ask yourself:

“Where do I want to be in 1 year? 5 years?”

“What is it that would make me most fulfilled?”

I've learned that profits in trading

…aren't going to make you magically happy.

You got to create your ideal lifestyle by taking more than profits into account.

But why not prepare an epic journey that you'll be proud to look back on?

2. Work on your development plan.

Remember the goals you set earlier in the year?

How’s that going?

Trading is like riding a treadmill everyday…

“If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.”

So take some time to tune up your skills.

Find out about the new features on your platform

…or even better, work on yourself.

You'll want to set action plans

…for everything you know you need to work on.

3. Focus on the things that matter the most.

Trading is an important part of your life

…but it shouldn't be the only part of your life.

Spending time with family, helping your spouse or friend, etc.

That's all very important!

Know what really matters

…and allocate 100% of your focused off-time toward that.

4. Build your network.

Like I've said many times in the past…

My biggest breakthroughs in trading came from the connections I made.

Now’s the time to build your own trader network.

Look out for:

When’s the next meetup? Trader convention?

Who is doing what I want to do out there?

You'll want to reach out to those people.

Then, send a note of thanks to a trader that helped you.

These small things will allow you to build a great career over time!

5. Get in balance.

There are no other professions that can get you out of balance more than trading.

I'm sure you know that already.

Getting stopped out, missed trades, social media fake gurus.

So, stay fit, meditate,

and even treat yourself for a job well done!

It's important you do something to get yourself in balance and ready for the next trading week.

I hope these tips were useful to get you on the right track!

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Keep crushing it 💪📈

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