How to Make $1k-$5k/mo. in Trading

Trading full-time

Everyone wants to make money trading, but very few achieve it.

Not because they can’t have big winning trades once in a while…

But because most traders aren’t able to:

1. Keep the profits they make


2. Make an income consistently month-after-month

What I personally love doing is coach traders so they can break those gap… and ideally get to make anywhere from $1k to $5k/mo.

Not everyone’s gonna get there, but those who take my advice and take action usually do.

So because I’ve got this “$1k-$5k/mo.” claim… I better be able to back it up 🙂

Which is what I’m about to do…

How do you go from making no money trading (or even losing) to $1k-$5k/mo. before the end of 2024?


First thing you need is a strategy portfolio…

One that allows you to trade in multiple market conditions.

If you’re a scalper, maybe only 1 strategy will do.

For most traders, we start by mastering 1 strategy and then scale it up to 3-5.

We don’t need to create anything that doesn’t yet exist.

Just pick stuff that’s working and tweak it until it fits your logic.

I can get you profitable trading 3-5 strategies in about 30-60 days with weekly feedback on your trades & 1-1 coaching.


Next up… you go through a graduation plan:

Demo -> Small live -> Medium live -> Big ass live

Depending on your situation, you could skip a few steps.

But the idea is… each strategy has its own “graduation plan” where we slowly increase the capital we trade with.

It might look like:

$0 (demo) -> $2k -> $10k -> $20k -> $50k…

Or anything else in between.

The key is not moving up until you’ve got good results and are following your rules.

But you’ll see it’s a lot easier to stay motivated when money is on the line!


Not gonna make it pretty like stuff you see on social media.

If you want to make $1k-$5k/mo. consistently, you’ll need at least $100k-$200k of your own capital (add ++ for prop firms).

That means you’re not gonna spend money on useless sh*t to look good.

Every dollar you invest once you’ve got a good portfolio will increase your returns.

for example:

I save 75% of my income every month to re-invest back into trading.

If you don’t have that capital, then prop firms are a great way… as long as (can’t believe I need to stress this) you’re already profitable & consistent.

If you keep it low risk, getting funded $500k is possible in 2-3 good months.


Whenever I coach traders, I realize the biggest obstacle they’ve got on the way is…


Meaning they do stupid things (that sound good in the moment but aren’t), destroying their momentum faster than a news event hit their stop loss.


  • Changing strategies during a funded account evaluation
  • Stop trading because they don’t think they’ll make it
  • Trading too many setups to get faster results
  • Not doing something important because “it’s boring”

If you can stay away from those mistakes, you’ll come out ahead.

As far as mindset goes, we can eliminate most of the typical issues like lack of discipline, over trading, fear of missing out, etc.

… by having a good structure to trade with.

No second-guessing, clear-cut rules adjusted to your personality, with a plan to scale up & stay motivated.


Anyways… now you’ve got the framework.

You can go take action and crush it!

Or maybe you’d like me to guide you 1-1 through every step… and save you a lot of trial-and-error time?

If that’s the case, I’ve still got 5 more spots inside my Desire To Trade Academy 2.0 program.

Together I’ll bring you to trade a portfolio of proven strategies, master your mindset, and scale up your capital in under 8 weeks…

Realistically you could start making $1k-$5k/mo+ before the end of 2024.

If it sounds like something you’d want…

Read through all the details at the page below:


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On top of the program, I’ve also added a couple of “sweet” bonuses to make it even better:

  1. Trading Strategy Playbook 2.0: my 9 proven strategies that get traders profitable in 30-60 days.
  2. All Desire To Trade Indicators and Scripts on TradingView: so you don’t need to spot all the trades yourself or use tools that haven’t been proven to work.
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Keep crushing it 💪 📈


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How to Make $1k-$5k/mo. in Trading