How to manage trading, travel, and money?

Trading in Singapore

So I just landed in Singapore and checked in to my hotel.

Did a quick chart review and now I'm watching the planes land far in the distance.


Someone recently asked me on Instagram:

“How do you get it all done? The traveling, trading, and running a business that helps traders?”

I wanted to give you my take on that… because it's not easy.

And I know plenty of people in a similar situation.

Working full-time, trying to make trading work, and hopefully giving enough time to their partner & children.

Slightly different situation, but my advice will work.

Here you go…

1. Define your priorities

In everything you do, there could be a ton of “actions” you can take.

For instance, in trading you could: “watch educational vids, backtest, read about SMC, talk to a trader, read a book, place trades, code a strategy, etc.”

In terms of traveling, you could: take a tour, hangout in a park, go to the “tourist sights”, party at a club, meet people, etc.

But if you try to do all these things you'll quickly get overwhelmed.

Instead, I define what's important for the results I want… and then just do that.

It's why I don't usually go party or drink heavily when I'm traveling.

It takes valuable time off my priorities.

On the other hand if drinking & partying is your priority… then go for it, man!

The saying goes “you can achieve anything you want but not everything you want.”

The same goes for my trading.

So guess why I don't code strategies, read about SMC, or spend time on Discord?

You got it! Priorities.

2. Get mentors to grow faster

Whenever I want to achieve something specific that I feel stuck in, I get a mentor.

It's usually someone I pay for their time & expertise so they can help me get to where they are faster.

9/10 times, I get good results.

I'm not afraid of spending money because I know that person has many opportunities and I want to make sure they see I'm serious.

I had a student, Samuel, who did this so well!

He picked a few areas in his life he wanted to work on.

Ex: trading, relationships, and sport.

Then he got a mentor/coach for each one and dedicated time each week to apply their advice.

1 year later… he was totally unrecognizable.

Together we worked on his trading and he reached his 1st profitable year.

He also got stronger, moved to Bali, and found an amazing girlfriend while building his empire!

That's the kind of results you can only get with the help of someone who's been there.

If you're someone who'd like to level up your trading results in the next 1-2 months?

I'm currently testing out a new Voxer 1-1 mentoring.

I currently got 5 traders in, but can still work with 5 more.

So if you want to see the real power of having a trading mentor,  I'd be glad to help out!

I've got all the details at the page below:

And you can always use the chat on the bottom-right if you've got any Qs.

I'll get back to you.

Keep crushing it 💪📈

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How to manage trading, travel, and money?