DTTP 043: The Great Advice From Market Wizards w/ Jack Schwager

The Great Advice From Market Wizards w/ Jack Schwager

If I were to ask successful traders the ONE book that influenced them and guided them through becoming traders, Market Wizards would definitely come up.

The book contains interviews with traders who are living off trading from around the world. It turns out to be packed with great lessons and highly inspirational.

In episode 43 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview the legendary Jack Schwager, the author of Market Wizards and a number of different trading-related books that made a great impact in the world of trading.

The book Market Wizards has been recommended numerous times on the podcast. I myself read it several times.

During this interview, Jack mentioned various lessons he received from interviewing multiple traders himself. The discussion got directed to trading styles. The main lesson to get is that no trader is the same. This was one of the main highlights of Jack's books.

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Question & Cheat Sheet – Jack Schwager

  • The new project Jack is currently working on (more information)
  • How Jack got involved into trading and the results of it
  • How Market Wizards was written
    • Putting in the work every day from morning to night!
  • The biggest lesson anyone can take from Market Wizards
  • The #1 advice Jack has to offer aspiring traders
  • And much more!

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Books written by Jack Schwager

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I'm a big fan of audiobooks and I thought the audio version of Market Wizards was great!

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DTTP 043: The Great Advice From Market Wizards w/ Jack Schwager