Achieving consistent profitability as a Forex trader with Brandon Clay

Desire To Trade Podcast Episode 17

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Brandon Clay is a marketing expert with a passion for trading. He started around 2000 and struggled to become a consistent Forex trader. Today, his view of trading turns out to be much more serious and is working more consistently on becoming a successful trader.

I can definitely relate to Brandon because he started trading at about my age. But most importantly, he is the host of the Trading Story Podcast, a podcast that aims to bring newer traders the most practical & inspiring trading podcasts (interviews & tips) anywhere. Brandon's podcast also describes his journey to become a consistently profitable trader.

So…what's the plan to become a profitable Forex trader? 

Brandon started getting serious into trading by getting a mentor and taking some courses. He decided to invest more time and effort into his trading. After starting out with a strategy that wasn't producing the results desired, Brandon decided to switch for something more appealing to him. This shows that the strategy used in trading has to fit the trader's style and expectations.

Another key in Brandon's journey to become a profitable trader consists of his progressive money investment into his account. While many traders are often in a urge to fun their account with as much money as possible, Brandon still trades his demo account. He plans on jumping to a small live account soon. Then, he will focus on making consistent profits to increase the position size slowly.

What's covered in the podcast?

  • 6 lessons learned from 6 months of hosting the Trading Story Podcast
  • What new traders should look for when they start
  • The process of moving toward a live profitable account
  • And much more…


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Achieving consistent profitability as a Forex trader with Brandon Clay