“Mentor” your way to trading profitably

“Mentor” your way to trading profitably

Couple of weeks ago, I began working with Ryan…

He's one of the 10 guys who joined my 1-1 Voxer mentoring to quickstart January and level up his trading.

Ryan's story is very inspirational and he went through a lot.

Unfortunately like a lot of people… he's also been binge-watching YouTube videos to “crack the code” and learn the strategy that would make him profitable.

With no success thus far.

I got to know his trader personality and what he'd perform best with.

And we set up a custom-made “plan of action”.

You see…

Up to now, Ryan was falling into the mistake of a lot of other traders:

He didn't pay attention to market context and only relied on “powerful trade setups” he found online.

The reality is even a perfect trade setup will lose you money if it's traded in the wrong context.

By them paying more attention to what the price is doing bigger picture, I usually see my students get profitable much quicker.


I've been going back & forth with Ryan every day on voice messages & screen shares and I'm happy with the “aha moments” he's had so far 🙂

I'm not saying this is the “absolute answer” for everyone.

But having a mentor to guide you through your trading journey can definitely speed things up.

I'm pretty confident Ryan will see profitable results in the next 2-3 weeks.

And whether you're looking to get profitable, save a few years off your learning curve, or scale up your trading to the next level…

I have a few spots left for traders looking to get mentored.

Shoot me a DM at my FB page below with the word “Ryan” and I'll share the details with you:

==> https://m.me/desiretotrade

Keep crushing it 💪📈

~ Etienne Crete

P.S don't message me if you're trying to turn a tiny account into millions or need to get-rich-quick.

This is a serious mentoring where I'll make a custom-made plan to take your trading journey to the next level. Let's chat here!

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“Mentor” your way to trading profitably