082: The Traveling Trend Trader & His Methodology (@TraderMig)

082- The Traveling Trend Trader On Trading Forex While You Travel - Miguel Tiexiera

Miguel Tiexiera: The Traveling Trend Trader

In episode 82 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Miguel Tiexiera, a Forex trend trader and active traveler who has spent years crafting his trading methodology allowing him to trade and travel the world at the same time. He is known as the traveling trend trader.

I brought Miguel on the show specifically because he has the knowledge of what is necessary to develop so you can trade and travel at the same time. This is also what I've been particularly working on in the past 2 months.

More About Miguel

I opened my first trading account in 1995 and with a few weeks of basic training, I thought I was ready to trade! Within a month I blew my trading account! Realizing my errors; no risk management, lack of knowledge… I still had a desire to succeed as a trader. I then enrolled in The Chartered Market Technician program.

Over the next two years, I completed level I & II. During those two years, I didn’t trade as I had no capital! I spent many, many hours studying charts and the course material. Then in 1997, I got a job as a technical analyst on a forex desk with a bank and so began the next chapter in my trading career. I traded forex and interest rates over the next 12 years and in 2009 I left the bank to do some traveling.

In August of 2014 while on a cycle trip from London to Lisbon I was doing 2 things that I really enjoy, traveling and trading the financial markets using a trend following approach and that is where the name “Traveling Trend Trader” comes from.

I have since learned how to code trading systems and spend time doing research on new trading ideas, doing live broadcasts, writing blogs – all about trading of course and spending time in the DT community in between getting out on my bike and traveling.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How Miguel started to trade
  • Why not trading and waiting is often key
  • How to develop patience in trading
  • What you must put in place before you become a true traveling trend trader
  • How to deal with difficult trading times
  • The importance of learning how to code
  • How to get back on track when you lose your trading habits
  • How & why to keep researching trading ideas
  • How to look at trading over a long-time perspective
  • And much more!

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082: The Traveling Trend Trader & His Methodology (@TraderMig)