070: A Successful Trader Traveling Around The World – @Tradecietymc

Moritz Czubatinski: A Successful Trader Traveling Around The World

In episode 70 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Moritz Czubatinski, a successful trader traveling while trading Forex and futures. He currently lives in Hong Kong. What I find really interesting about Moritz is that he has been able to travel the world while trading. That is definitely one of my personal goals (I'll keep you updated!).

Interestingly enough, Moritz transitioned from his career as a professional Poker player to a full-time trader traveling the world. However, he had to go through an office job in Beijing in-between.

He is also the founder of the blog Tradeciety along with Rolf.

Moritz places a particular emphasis on trading journals. For him, having a journal is essential to successful trading. In fact, “I've never seen a profitable trader without a trading journal.”, he says. It is for that reason that Moritz created Edgewonk, a trading journal software.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • How Moritz started to trade Forex and futures.
  • How he transitioned from playing Poker to trading full-time.
  • How the futures market differs from Forex.
  • What's the easiest way to trade while traveling
  • How Moritz left his job to trade
  • The best single piece of advice you need to live from trading
  • The things Moritz has to put in place to see trading results faster
    • Moritz uses a “Sirtfood Diet”. Learn more here!
  • Everything you need to learn about trading journals
  • And much more!

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070: A Successful Trader Traveling Around The World – @Tradecietymc