My problem with most trading journals

Trading journals are easy to start but hard to keep.

This is why so many traders set them up, only to stop tracking their trades down the line.

And with the whole lineup of journal softwares, it just makes things worse.

It's easy to convince ourselves we need this new fancy tool to analyze our trades.

But so far all the trading journal softwares ended up letting me down.

Either it was too complicated or I didn't use 90% of the functions.

I got frustrated because I was often using tools that took a lot of time to setup… and even more to keep going.

No wonder so many traders give up journaling…

A trader & coach I know said in one of my interviews earlier:

“If you can't take the time & effort to keep a trading journal, I don't think you're ready to become a profitable trader.”

While this advice sounds good, it couldn't be further from the truth.

Why would you waste your valuable time entering trades in an Excel format or manually writing down the time & date of a trade you entered.

In my book, it's called working hard, but not smart.

To me, a trading journal should be as simple as possible.

While I'm happy to pay for something I'll use, I'm still using free tools, and it does the job!

I haven't yet to find a paid option better than what I use right now.

So how do I do it?

I use a mix of a platform called Trello:

Trading journal

And keep track of my stats on a website like MyFxBook or FxBlue.


I know it works for me, because it couldn't be simpler 🙂

But also I only do manual work when I need to – the rest is automated.

All I gotta do after a trade is copy/paste my trade screenshot, write a quick comment… and I'm done!

There's no entering the date & time, entry, stop loss, and take-profit prices, or anything of the sort.

Frankly, I have that data automatically but haven't used it for years!

So keeping it simple is definitely key for me.

But I also have a few advanced tricks up my sleeve.

And it turns out this Saturday we're having a live mastermind call for our Ultimate Prop Firm Trading students.

The topic we'll cover is “Journaling Turbocharged”.

My team of coaches will share some pretty cool techniques to stick to journaling your trades and make it super useful.

Some of these tips & tricks I couldn't live without!

So if you'd like to join us on this mastermind call (or watch the recording), get started on Ultimate Prop Firm Trading.

It's a program to help traders scale up to 6-7 figures in 6 months.

You can check out all the details at the page below:

Would be awesome to help you become a profitable trader in 2023!


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