Desire To Trade Offer – Kunal Desai

60 Days of Intense Stock Market Training


What Is This Offer All About?

A few months ago, I launched the Desire To Trade Academy, the exclusive membership area of this site where I share all the strategies I trade as well as give everything you need to start trading live within the next two months.

Multiple times I've been asked whether the Academy was a good fit for stocks traders since my trading activities have always been focused mostly on Forex trading. I've always recommended aspiring stocks traders to join a stocks trading-focused program.

Recently I've interviewed Kunal Desai on the Desire To Trade Podcast. He made a great impression on me by sharing the importance of teaching beginning traders live instead of through pre-recorded videos only. His live program is called 60 Day Trading Bootcamp.

What Will You Get?

In short, you'll have full access to 60 Day Trading Bootcamp course as described here. Kunal will bring you to understand everything you need to know to trade live profitably. As a complimentary bonus, you will get a complete lifetime membership for the Desire To Trade Academy at no additional charge, which is worth well over $500.

How Does It Work?

After purchasing the 60 Day Trading Bootcamp through this link, email me a copy of the receipt at I will then give you access to the Desire To Trade Academy within the next 24 hours. You must use the link on this page to apply to the Bootcamp, otherwise, you will not be entitled to this offer.

What Happens If You Get A Refund?

If you decide to get a refund for Kunal's program, I will need to cancel your free membership of the Desire To Trade Academy as well since I incur fees based on the number of traders in my Academy.

Click here to get the 60 Day Trading Bootcamp and a Lifetime Membership for the Desire To Trade Academy