Raj Turner: Increase Your Trading Capital By $70,000

087- Increase Your Trading Capital By $70,000 - Raj Turner

In episode 87 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, we discuss exactly what you need to know to increase your trading capital as I interview Forex trader Raj Turner based in Kingston, Jamaica.

More about Raj Turner

Outside his trading, Raj is a trained Engineer & Certified Supply Chain Manager. As a trader of the major pairs in the Foreign Exchange Market, he looks for swing trades (medium term) as that's what he believes to be most profitable. He got in the market or the first time about 10 years ago and has recently won 7x the TopTradr financing for $10,000.

Learn About TopTradr

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by someone from TopTradr and I liked the concept of their app, so I thought I'd include a small description of what they do with this podcast episode…

TopTradr is a companion app for your trading. It's designed to give you greater scope to realize your ambitions. By linking an MT4 account from one of their recommended brokers, the app ranks your profile versus other traders for a chance increase your trading capital and manage a $10,000 prop account. It's very easy to get involved: first create your profile, then link a trading account via a recommended broker and you can start trading.

>> Check Out TopTradr

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In This Episode, You'll Learn…

  • What a typical day looks like in the life of Raj
  • Managing to trade profitably with a full-time job
  • What TopTradr is about
  • The steps Raj had to go through to see consistency in his trading
  • The few things “hobby traders” have to overcome to get profitable
  • How to increase your trading capital progressively
  • The beauty of trading a bigger account
  • Simplifying your trading strategy to remember it easier
  • The power of being in a supportive community
  • And much more!

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Risk Of Ruin Calculator: I use the one from Chris Capre all the time!

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Raj Turner: Increase Your Trading Capital By $70,000