063: The Process & Mistakes Behind A Successful Forex Day Trader – Raman Gill

Raman Gill - Successful Forex day trader Raman Gill: The Process & Mistakes Behind A Successful Forex Day Trader

In episode 63 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Raman Gill, a successful Forex day trader, investor, and coach that first got introduced to the currency markets in 2009. She then found her passion and felt in love with trading.

Raman founded Trading with Venus in 2014 where she works with those new to trading, helping them make better, more informed, decisions about trades so they can take consistent action to achieve their financial goals. She also works with successful female entrepreneurs, helping them with investing to accelerate their wealth creation and enabling them to achieve financial security and freedom.

Raman previously worked at one of the largest financial institutions in North America where she held a variety of management roles over the years. Most recently, she was a Portfolio Manager in Mergers & Acquisitions area, where her team was responsible for due diligence on deals ranging from $50MM to multiple billions of dollars in both US and Canada.

Prior to working in finance and investments, Raman owned an IT consulting business, for 10 years, which she subsequently sold. Raman has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems and MBA degrees from Johnson School of Business, Cornell University in the US and Queens University in Canada.

Pieces Of Advice

Opportunity comes to those who are prepared. Preparation is the key to everything. - Raman Gill Click To Tweet The more I teach, the more I learn. - Raman Gill Click To Tweet Greed has killed more of my trades than everything else combined. - Raman Gill Click To Tweet

What's Covered In This Episode?

  • How Raman learned the fastest in trading
  • How Raman got introduced to trading
  • The biggest mistake Raman made while trading full-time (be careful!)
  • The exact successful Forex day trader process Raman follows
  • How to prepare the right way before trading
  • How Raman intends to trade the London session (read When To Trade Forex To Maximize Your Lifestyle & Profit?)
  • The “windy” truth about trading & the benefits
  • Getting accountability in your trading for better results
  • And much more!

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063: The Process & Mistakes Behind A Successful Forex Day Trader – Raman Gill