Read this if you’re smart

An advice I got from a pretty wealthy trade I know stayed with me for years.


“The best analysts are often the worst traders. You don't need to be the best at using every tool out there, but you do need to get in and out of trades like a pro.” 


And he brings up a great point.

It applies to so many things…

When I look at my life?

The people I know who think of themselves as “smart” are often so confused & overwhelmed that they never get moving.

They form opinions and conclusions based on theory rather than real-world data.

The “dumb” people get results quicker because they take messy action no matter what and let the data tell them what to do next.

While the “smart” person is questioning themselves to death with all the possible scenarios?

Trying to get everything perfect before they do anything?

Overanalyzing every little step?

The “dumb” person just says “fck it let's see what happens!”

And gets after it.

Example of this in trading…

They are guys who wrote 500-page books on technical analysis.

They know all the patterns and can name them all. Sure they can spot them very easily in the market at any given time.

But ask them to trade and these guys would freeze. Or they'd get in and eventually blow up.

Meanwhile, some other traders aren't watching any YouTube videos, got only 1 mentor, and are making a living in the market.

They barely know the names of most patterns & indicators. Use a basic trading platform & very few tools. And they probably have never read a 500-page book on trading.

But they're executing a strategy day in day out, and it shows.

These guys are definitely not “dumb”.

But they get after it and learn from the real-world feedback they get… not just from watching theory.

So if you want to get fast results?

Don't be the “smart” person who gets stuck in their head debating theory, coming up with what-if scenarios, and trying to get everything perfect before taking a trade.

Be the “dumb” one who takes relentless, messy action… then makes adjustments from there.

This is how you win.


With that said…

I'm looking for a few… uhh “dumb”… people who are ready to fix their trading mistakes to turn their equity curve around…

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Keep crushing it 💪 📈

~ Etienne Crete

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Read this if you’re smart