The 3 Phases Of Becoming A Profitable Trader

The 3 Phases Of Becoming A Profitable Trader

Welcome back to my weekly traders wrap-up!

Honestly I haven't done in a while 🙂

But I've got something good for you…

Hear me out!

When I work with traders, they're usually all following the same “phases” to become profitable.

Knowing those will help you break out to the next phase.

But you can also realize if you've been going wrong.

Here they are…

 #1 – Completely new

We've all been there…

Seeing a couple of YouTube videos or being influenced by a friend and you're ready to jump into trading.

Knowing nothing and convinced that learning a simple strategy off the internet will make you rich.

So you spend multiple hours a day learning about the markets and everything sounds so fascinating.

After all, you don't need risk management or mindset stuff 🙂

#2 – Wanna know-it-all

At some point, you remember the saying “knowledge is power”

And realize you've been unaware of so many patterns in the market.

This leads you straight to beginner courses (i.e. BabyPips) to learn as much as possible.

Hoping that knowing everything about the market will make you profitable.

Your trading results stay inconsistent & you keep losing money.

Most traders spend 2-3 years minimum in that cycle 🙁

#3 – Simplify & focus

Soon enough you realize:

“If BabyPips & learning all the patterns was all it took to be successful, then every new trader would make money?”

But they aren't so there must be something else to it…

This is usually where you need to “unlearn” everything you've learned before.

Because all that info leads to second-guessing yourself at every trade you take.

You start to understand that the market context is more important than a random trade setup.

And you also allow yourself to let the trades run vs. closing them at the first reversal sign you see.

Looking back, you realize how stupid it was to want to know everything about the market.

Instead, you focus on a good market environment, a simple trade setup, and a plan to capture the moves that give you an edge.

Things start to fall into place and your equity curve starts to build – as long as you put in the work and show up every day.

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Wins From The Week:

  • Kay passed his 2nd stage of FTMO and officially got funded. (Pro Traders Club student)
  • Ryan began setting up the algos and started building a very profitable portfolio. (Algo Nation student)
  • Rasheer created his 1st trading strategy using the FREE content I share on YouTube and became consistently profitable.

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The 3 Phases Of Becoming A Profitable Trader