The Formula To Achieve Financial Freedom Through Forex Trading

How to achieve financial freedom through Forex trading

Only 1 thing separates those who have financial freedom through Forex trading vs. all other aspiring traders…

It's called: “Managing Your Money Like A Millionaire”.

Read on to learn how financial freedom is really achieved as a Forex trader!


You'd be surprised how many people live paycheck to paycheck.

They hope to find a miracle strategy or an algorithm

…and they expect to build financial freedom through Forex trading.

But you know like me that those things don't happen, right?

Financial isn't created by luck. It's created by following a few good principles.

If you do these things right, accumulating money won't be hard.

And today, I decided I'd teach you that…

Most people get $x a month. They save a little and then spend the rest.

Here's the best thing you can do to achieve financial freedom through Forex trading…

Starting today, break down your income in this way:

  • 65% for spending (rent, food, clothes, transport, etc.)
  • 20% for active investing (trading capital, coaching & education)
  • 10% for passive investing (i.e. buy-and-hold ETFs, emergency savings)
  • 5% for charity (give it to a good organization or something else)

These are decent numbers you can begin with.

As your income increases, focus on investing more & spending less (in %).

Some of the most successful people only spend 5% of their income.

…the remaining all goes for investing!

The 2 Kinds Of Investing For Financial Freedom

Now I want to focus on the 2 types of investing (active & passive).

These are directly guiding you to financial freedom.

Just saving money isn't enough here…you got to invest it!

Active investing is usually higher risk & requires more involvement.

For a serious trader, this would be building trading capital and investing in a trading coach or program (such as the Desire To Trade Academy)

Remember that investing in yourself is far better than any other investment!

If you aren't profitable in trading yet, all the money should go toward tools & resources to help you get profitable right away.

Passive investing is longer-term and involves less risk.

You could simply buy a few ETFs such as the S&P500 and forget about it.

Over time, this will grow your money without any extra work.

It'll make good money for when you just want to take a break.

Now, why do I ask you to give 5% of your income?

It's because it transforms your mindset!

If you are always stressed out about money

…you're telling your brain money is hard to accumulate.

Your brain will think: “alright, money is difficult to get. It's not worth trying!”

But if you give money, you're entering an abundance mindset.

Your brain will start to think it's easy to get more money in life.

That being said, you don't have to give 5%. Make it 2% if you want

…but it should still feel slightly uncomfortable.

That's the goal.

What if you can't spend only 65% of your income but still want financial freedom?

Well, you've got a money issue there.

It's time to get out there and increase your income!

Still break down your money every month, but adjust the percentages if needed.

First, make sure you invest in yourself (coaching or program).

That's how I've always made big jumps in my income!

Eventually, reduce your percentage you spend and instead invest it.

Are you going to use this? Comment under this post to let me know!

I laid out the entire process of how I manage my money.

When you start to apply this, there's NO WAY you can't get momentum!

I want you to get results with it!

The Next Step In Your Financial Freedom Through Forex Trading Journey

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The Formula To Achieve Financial Freedom Through Forex Trading