The Podcasts I Follow To Become A Better Trader

As of January 2015, around 17% of American listened to podcasts. Although it is still a small number to me, it almost doubled since 2008. At the time, only 8% of American tuned in on their mobile devices or on the web to listen to podcasts.

Around 4 years ago, in 2012, I started listening to podcasts myself. I started with one show, then two, and then I got into podcasts so much that I listen to them constantly.

Podcasts are a great source of knowledge. One can tune in and start learning on any topic on-the-go. It's just amazing.

If you've never listened to a podcast before, I hope this article is what will get you started. a good way to start would be to check out the Desire To Trade Podcast – a podcast I host in which I interview successful traders to get you started in trading.

If you are already listening to podcasts, this list will definitely be useful…and you may realize that we're listening to the same shows!

The Podcasts I Listen To

Obviously I have more than one interest. While I'm passionate about trading, I also love entrepreneurship, the business world, finance, and much more.

I also need inspiration sometimes. Here is a list of the podcasts I listen to divided in categories.


Of course I was going to start with trading podcasts…

Desire To Trade Podcast


The Desire To Trade Podcast is my own podcast but I listen to every single episode. The cool thing is that I often hear things I hadn't heard during the interview.

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The Trading Edges Podcast

cover170x170 The Trading Edges Podcast is hosted by Houston Truong, who I interviewed. His podcast goes in depth on how traders can reach peak performance.

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The Trading Lifestyle Podcast

The Trading Edges Podcast is hosted by Houston Truong, who I interviewed. His podcast goes in depth on how traders can reach peak performance.

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Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle Podcast

In each episode, Nick Palkowski features Peter Voogd for highly action-oriented advices. It gives me a boost of motivation and force me to move toward my goals.

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The Mentee

Geoff Woods, the host of the Mentee Podcast, shares his journey from having a day job to being an entrepreneur. Some of his episodes are recordings of conversations with his mentors.

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Young Hustlers

Grant Cardone is a very energetic figure and he does provide great advices from those ready to break out of the masses.

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The Productivity Show

This is my source of knowledge if I want to get things done. Everything is very well explained and I see the passion behind the podcast.

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Art Of Charm

The Art Of Charm hosted by Jordan Harbinger is truly impressive. The advices provided in the podcast are very applicable in everyday life. It is a great source to start improving your life!

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Addicted2Success Podcast

Joel Brown, the founder of Addicted2Success, interviews some of the most inspiring figures of the world. I've had some of my ahah moments after listening to his podcast.

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Joel Osteen Podcast

joel steen podcast

Joel Osteen is one of the most inspirational person out in the world. Although I am not super religious, I like listening to his weekly message which isn't always tied to religion.

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The School Of Greatness

Lewis Howes is definitely very inspirational and his interviews are always insightful. It always gives me hope in the quest to reach my goals even though things do not always go as expected.

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Business Daily

I rarely listen to news because they tend to be very negative. Business Daily, however, is my daily source of information. I am certain to learn something and I like the international outlook of the podcast. All sorts of topics are covered.

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The Investors Podcast

That's a podcast I've been listening to for a long time. It started by tips on value investing and it became a podcast in which the hosts are dedicated to study billionaires through books.

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What podcasts are you listening to that aren't in that list? I want to know!

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The Podcasts I Follow To Become A Better Trader