The Type of Freedom You Get From Trading

Yesterday I came back from my road trip down to the south of Thailand.

For lunch, my girlfriend and I decided to stop by Hua Hin, a small beach town I got to spend a lot of time in last year.

We also wanted to find a car wash… this was very overdue.

There's something about being in Hua Hin that feels good!

It has a relaxed vibe and many hotels are right by the beach with stunning views.

As we were eating lunch, IΒ thought:

“Why don't we stay here longer?”

After all, we had no reason to go back to Bangkok yet.

So we did.

I booked a hotel on my phone, left the restaurant, and we checked into the hotel.

To me, that kind of freedom is worth everything!

In fact, you couldn't pay me 2x what I earn now to take off that freedom.

I value it too much.

If I want to go somewhere one day, I go. If I want to stay longer or make a detour, I'm 100% free to do so.

Now this doesn't happen by accident…

There are 2 things you need to get there:

1. No unwanted commitments that get in the way of your freedom.

2. A fairly stable trading income.

This is why I don't own condos, fancy cars, or expensive appliances.

I don't need them and all that stuff gets in the way of freedom.

No matter where I am, I just need to open up my laptop in the morning, do my “trading routine” and I'm good to go!

I'll be very honest with you though…

Swing trading only makes it tougher to do that & make a stable income.

It still represents most of my trading income, but a little bit of day trading is what brings more consistency in my results…

That's simply because you can take more trades in a shorter period of time.

So if you're primarily swing trading, try adding a bit of day trading to the mix.

This and getting rid of useless “stuff” will make it a lot easier to trade & travel anywhere you want.

To this day, I'm a big fan of day trading the Tokyo session. It's very relaxed compared to other sessions!

Oh yeah…

I created a course a while back in which I teach 3 day trading strategies (1 for each market session).

If you want to learn some simple, yet powerful day trading strategies, shoot me a message at my page below with the words “day trading” and I'll get you theΒ details.


You can also reply to this email with “day trading” if that's faster for you πŸ™‚

I'll get you all the details!

Keep crushing itΒ πŸ’ͺ πŸ“ˆ

~ Etienne Crete

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The Type of Freedom You Get From Trading