The Unfortunate Gap in Trading (How to Overcome it!)

The Unfortunate Gap in Trading (How to Overcome it!)

Have you ever read a book in which you couldn't understand the concepts?

It's as if the things discussed in the book are so weird or foreign.

Or it might have been a bit too fluffy.

You have no idea how to relate to that book.

Then, you read that same book months or years later

…and everything suddenly clicks.

It now sounds so familiar!

Ever experienced that?

Well, I hate to be negative but there's a massive gap in trading.

Two traders come across the same information, one becomes a full-time trader, the other one stays stuck.

“Why is that?”, you may ask.

It's because knowledge isn't what matters here.

People love to say “knowledge is power”

…but that can't be true since we all have a ton of information available to us.

We probably know 10x more than the richest people in the 1900s.

Knowledge is available in a few clicks!

So there's definitely something missing.

And I haven't seen a lot of coaches discuss that gap.

The gap is trading is that along with knowledge come two extra factors to success:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Practice
  3. Timing

As we discussed, knowledge is important.

But you can't disregard practice – the art of taking action.

And then, you can't forget timing!

This timing aspect explains why you can't understand a book read today

…but that you'll understand it in 6 months from now.

In the meantime, something happened:

You have developed yourself through knowledge, but mostly practice.

So that's super important to understand!

You can't expect to follow a course once and become successful in trading.

If you want, at least make the effort to repeat the same course 10-15 times.

Because information slips on your first exposure to the content

…and every time until you've mastered everything!

Now that you know this, how can you make the most of it?

Here are some tips:

  1. Review the courses/programs you already went through
  2. If you come across something not clear for you, review it later
  3. Use ladders & step-by-step processes to learn things.

That last one is especially important.

…because most traders learn things in any order.

strategies, mindset, then entries, scalping, price action, back to mindset, etc.

That's the worst since you're not ready to learn the next thing.

Chances are that learning in a random order

…won't have you build the right knowledge.

That's where the gap is.

Fortunately, I understood that a few years ago.

Since then, I wanted to have a program for traders that could make the most out of knowledge, practice, and timing.

So, everything in the Desire To TRADE Academy has been made for our students to learn the right things…and in the right order!

We also made sure everything was tactical & practice-focused.

I don't want you to just follow our program, I want you to get results!

If you are committed and have at least $10k saved up to invest in your trading account, then you might want to apply for the Academy!

When you have some money saved up for your trading journey, that's when we can do our best work together!

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Keep crushing it 💪📈

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The Unfortunate Gap in Trading (How to Overcome it!)