Trading Millions In Forex: What It Truly Takes

Trading Millions In Forex: What It Truly Takes

August 25th, 2017: In this Montreal Forex trading vlog, I go hang out with fellow traders, some of whom are trading millions & live an amazing lifestyle. We discuss the differences in perspectives while hanging out on a rooftop terrace in downtown Montreal. Overall, I believe if you want to do great things – like trading millions, you have to surround yourself with people showing you that this is possible. Vlog #172.

P.S. I'm not at that level yet… 🙂

Trading Millions In Forex: Montreal Rooftop View

Video Transcript

As I'm recording this video, I just caught myself looking at a trade I have open, which I'm not supposed to do. But it happens sometimes…Uncertainty I think never disappears; it's always there. You always second-guess yourself. Today I'm going downtown Montreal to meet traders. It's going to be pretty cool! I'll have to leave in a couple of minutes. Let's get started with that day.

I didn't enter any trade this week I think and I didn't exit any trades. I still have two trades open on AUD/USD and GBP/NZD. It's a LONG and a SHORT. They all went back to losses this week, which is quite funny.

I try to stay detached from my trades most of the time, but sometimes it just happens that you want to look at them and see how they're doing. But same two trades and…let's go!

That was a really cool evening yesterday, guys. And it's really crazy to see how people have different perspectives. When I'm trading my account and for other people, some other traders are trading millions and they won't trade anything below a couple of millions, which is really crazy. But it shows how your perspective of things kind of dictates what you can do and what you end up doing.

On a different topic, I came across this story recently. There was a park with elephants where all the elephants were attached with a small rope, and for some reason, they didn't exit, although they could break the rope and go away pretty easily at that size. The thing is, one man at the park asked one of the guardians why the elephants didn't go away – why they didn't break the rope to go?

And he replied, “at a pretty young age, they attached the elephants with a small rope. And at that age, since they're small, they cannot escape at all, so they're stuck there and they start to believe that they cannot escape. Over time, of course, they grow but they keep the same beliefs – the same thing about what they think is possible.

And that is EXACTLY the same with trading. We've talked about it before. If you see yourself as a losing trader right now, it's very hard to break that cycle and to get in the winning trader (kind of) part/area. If you see yourself as a small winning trader, it's really hard to break and go to a very successful trader.

But sometimes, I feel like you need to have people around you – those people that kind of show you what is possible. Because you get to see, right? If one of the elephants was to break the rope, start to walk, and go around, the other elephants would start to see that this is possible. And they would potentially do it, right? Because they have someone to guide them and show them what's possible. You need to have those people. That's why I love to hang out with traders, talk with traders on the podcast. That's really, really good I think.

That being said, I'll conclude the video here for today – actually it's tomorrow, but I'll conclude it here. Comment below with your thoughts. If you can relate to this, I'd love to know as always. I love to think that this is a big community and we can interact and share ideas and whatever…Comment below! I'll see you guys tomorrow! Ciao.

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Trading Millions In Forex: What It Truly Takes