Trading Mindset That Made Me 28%!

Before: not trusting my strategy, skipping trades because I lacked confidence, and almost always taking the losers.

After: sticking to my strategy with basically no mistakes or bad trades, monthly P&L to cover my bills & much more.


A couple of years ago, I had a ton of motivation to make trading work.

Unfortunately, I was still not profitable.

And almost every week, I'd lose a small part of my trading… giving it to someone else in the market.

Every time a trade would show up, I'd second-guess myself.

I think “this one won't work, I've lost enough already!” and would watch the trades run to profit a few hours later.

The trades I was sure about… 90% of the time ended up being losers.

And trust me when I say I had tried all the “hacks” you hear on YouTube.

Backtesting, meditation, trading plans, even a 1-1 trading coach… you name it!

I had gone through it all…

In fact, I'd worked really hard on my trading strategy… and it made a lot of sense to me.

But in reality… 

I was still afraid of losing.

So much so that it felt better to skip a profitable trade than to get in with the risk of losing money.

I know I couldn't continue that way.

Because if I didn't do anything about it, nothing would change.

I would still be there 10 years later skipping trades out of fear and probably feeling miserable that I hadn't made any progress.

That would totally s*ck.

Then one day I had this idea…

You know when you finally realize something that was actually so simple?

“What's the point of me trading if I can't even take the right trades?”

I had a good strategy, but I was the one blowing it off every day.

So what were my options?

Either I stop trading, or I stop giving a f*ck…

Well, I choose #2. In my mind, it clicked.

I told myself “I'm gonna take every single of my setups I see and I don't care if the account goes to $0.”

A few months later, the account wasn't at $0 🙂

In fact, I had gained over 28% on it.

I allowed myself to trade my plan and didn't care if I was losing or winning.

This was the start of me getting profitable with my strategy.

And since then, I've gotten to a point where trading pays my bills & more.

But most importantly, trading isn't as stressful and mentally draining as it was before.

I take the trades I need to take, then go out to live my life… and I've built a significantly bigger amount of capital in the process.

If you'd like to do what I did and stop second-guessing every trade…

To then be in a place of scaling up your trading to a 6-7 figure account?

Then you'll love this special program I've got going on:

If you've got any Qs, you can use the chat at the bottom of the page to ask.

Keep crushing it 💪📈

~ Etienne Crete 



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Trading Mindset That Made Me 28%!