DTTP 064: Trading Strategies For Trending Markets – Part 3

The Guide To Forex Trading Strategies – Part 3

Trading Strategies For Trending Markets

In Part 3 of episode 64 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I decided to discuss a very popular topic: trading strategies for trending markets. I recorded a 3-part Guide To Forex Trading Strategies so we can set you up with a plan as soon as possible.

Part 1 is available here!

Part 2 is available here!

I've seen a lot of traders trading with absolutely no plan expecting they would succeed, so I want to make sure I address this topic.

In fact, you've probably already heard the saying “trading is simple but not easy”, right? Well, it is when you have a plan and a strategy to execute on.

I agree that executing on that plan will be the hardest part, but we have to cover things step-by-step here.

In Part 3 of the Guide To Forex Trading Strategies, I'm explaining how to trade in a trending market. That can be a highly profitable type of trading, especially due to the fact that trends are usually strong in the Forex market.

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What's Covered In This Episode?

  • How to identify a trend
  • What areas you can consider trading in a trend
  • The indicators that can help you trade pullbacks/retracements
  • What to expect in trend trading
  • Keys to make any trading strategy more profitable
  • And much more!

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DTTP 064: Trading Strategies For Trending Markets – Part 3