What I Learned From A Margin Call

​Have you ever wished you could go back in “trading time”?

Perhaps you did a stupid mistake and suddenly feel like crap for it.

Well, I certainly felt like that before…

It's a time I'm not thinking about often

…but I needed it to become who I am today.

Yet, back then I really felt like an idiot!

This is back in spring 2014.

I was doing good – because I had just completed a price action course.

And I was finally ready to apply the strategy.

So on my break during university classes, I was looking at Forex charts.

I remember finding the A+ setup on the SPX500.

It was a strong Engulfing Candle in the trend – with some other factors.

So I jumped in the trade with 2% risk and a confident feeling.

The next day, I looked at my position and noticed I was in a loss.

Not by much, but by the afternoon my stop loss was nearly hit.

So I thought: “hmm, this trade needs to work out, I'll give it some room”.

Smart, I sure was! 🙂

Not too long after, I caught another setup in the same direction.

I took that one too because I didn't want to miss out on the upcoming move.

I also made sure to give a lot of room to my trade.

Fast-forward a bit, I had 3-4 positions (all in loss) that I kept giving room to.

And I received an email from Oanda, my broker, about a potential margin call.

Exactly this one:

Man, I was pissed!

Mainly because I thought: “it's just a question of time before I win.”

I didn't want to close the positions I had, but I remember closing 1.

“I don't deserve a margin call!”, I thought.

Anyhow, the next day Oanda closed all my positions with a pretty big loss.

I remember thinking: “I really did something dumb, sh't!”, wishing I could go back.

But it obviously wasn't possible – so I decided to stop trading.

I didn't have the desire to trade anymore.

In fact, trading isn't fun when you lose 20% of your account in a few days.

Fortunately, my desire to trade came back a few weeks later after I read this quote:

“If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going” – Winston Churchill

It worked because I never quit trading after that.

I decided that I was going to push through instead of getting pushed.

Simply put, I told myself I had to use that difficult time as motivation

…not as an excuse.

Maybe right now you're facing tough trading times – as I faced back then.

And I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.

There's a lot I had to do back then to get to trade full-time 3 yrs later.

It's a process that takes time & commitment.

But, if you're looking to get there faster and with less sweat…

…then I'm here to make this happen for you.

It's my personal challenge to help you get out of tough times in your trading.

That's the reason why I created the Desire To TRADE Academy.

And so far, we've helped a handful of our students get funded by investors and/or quit their job to trade full-time.

If you are looking for accountability, guidance, and tactical advice in your trading journey, then fill in this form and apply to join our powerful Academy.

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What I Learned From A Margin Call