Why I make more money trading while traveling

In 2022, I spent 221 days away from my “home” in Bangkok.

That's 60.4% of the year I was traveling.

And as I'm getting back to more trading while traveling after Covid… I can confidently say:

“My trading results are better when I'm traveling vs. staying at home.”

But why?

I've got all my setup at home including 2 new large monitors, a great mouse & keyboard, a large desk with a view on the 39th floor.

But despite all of my home setup, I do better with only a laptop and/or an iPad.

Here is why…


1. Less time-consuming distractions

Cooking, cleaning, and getting distracted means the work on our priorities usually suffers.

Personally, I know I can't be at my best when I watch TV all day… which I rarely do, but it can still distract me from work.

Taking 1hr out of your day to cook a meal might be a great idea.

But it's also a way to increase decision fatigue.

Which means in the end you get less energy for trading & work.

As opposed to when I'm traveling…

I usually find the healthiest restaurants around to order or walk to.

Since I'm in Asia it usually costs less than $40 a day anyway, which is pretty cheap to keep your energy for valuable work.


2. Luxury/business mindset

In my opinion, this is the coolest part about traveling.

But it wasn't always like that though…

I used to travel & stay in cheap 1-3 star hotels, where I often didn't have a good work environment.

My cool hack was:

I'd find the “luxury 5-star hotels” around and bring my laptop to work in their lobby lounge & order a cup of coffee.

It would cost me $5-$10 but I'd be in a top-notch environment where I'd usually meet pretty wealthy people.

That by itself is a good motivation to work.

You can use this hack even in your own city… go hang out at the best hotel in town and get some tea/coffee there.

These days, I usually stay at Marriott, Hilton, or IHG hotels and I make sure I get a nice work desk or a cool lobby to work from.

It helps me to keep that good “wealth mindset” when I'm working or at any other time of the day.


3. Working 3-4hr a day only

I'd be lying if I said I put in 8hr days of trading/work while traveling.

On most days, I'm usually not working more than 3-4hrs.

The rest of the time, I stay active, explore the location, or learn new skills.

That's because I've learnt to simplify my work to only the most essential high-result tasks.

It's kinda like doing the 80/20.

I took off 80% of what I was doing earlier, often producing no results… and either stop completely or delegated it to one of my assistants or team members.

I usually only have 1-3 important things to do daily.

Like review the charts, run algo backtests, or record videos (for students & YouTube)… it varies day-by-day.

Once I've done that, I'm out of the hotel and spending my time the way I want.

These days I'm working on getting my private pilot license 🙂

It means I don't have to do a bunch of stuff, only to get disappointed because it doesn't get me anywhere.

I only do something if I'm the right person to do it (in my team) or if it's really going to contribute to my future.

A good chunk of my trading is also done with algos which helps free up my time from taking trades manually.


Trading while traveling might sound like a cool/relaxing… but it's the result of a lot of thinking & planning that got me to where I am today.

If you want to see day-to-day what I'm working on or where I'm going… I usually post all of it on Instagram along with some trading tips.

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Keep crushing it 💪📈

~ Etienne Crete

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Why I make more money trading while traveling