007: One Key Thing That Could Change Your Life And Trading (@YvanByeajee)

Yvan Byeajee Interview

Yvan Byeajee: Change Your Life And Trading

Yvan Byeajee has been an active stock trader for the past 8 years. His long-lasting interest and fascination for the financial world made him stick to trading in spite of his rough start. According to Yvan himself, he made all the possible mistakes one could make in trading, being close to losing all the money he invested in his account. Fortunately, through hard work and dedication, Yvan has been able to from miserable to successful full-time trader. He now travels around the world on a consistent basis.

Interestingly enough, Yvan attributes his success to one key thing: meditation. It's also something I've practiced through the years. I have personally seen the benefits, although consistency in meditation is hard at first.

I find Yvan's story to be very inspiring for traders at all levels of their trading journey. Hopefully, that will inspire you to keep going through adversity.

Here are things covered in this podcast episode:

  • Yvan's rough start in trading
  • What lesson Yvan extracts from his failures
  • How meditation changed Yvan's life
  • What traders must do to manage their thoughts
  • What habits are key to Yvan's success
  • How to get started with meditation to become a better trader
  • Why emotional control is a myth
  • And much more…

Books Mentioned In This Episode

Yvan Byeajee's books (very interesting):

Other's books:

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How to find Yvan Byeajee?

  1. Trading Composure (Yvan’s blog)
  2. Twitter @yvanbyeajee


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007: One Key Thing That Could Change Your Life And Trading (@YvanByeajee)