100: The Success Of A Forex Price Action Day Trader (@PriceActionKim)

Success of a Forex Price Action Day Trader – Show Notes

In episode 100 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I sit down with Kim Krompass, a Forex price action day trader, for a follow-up interview. She previously appeared in episode 46 of the podcast.

Kim Krompass is living in California. She is a great example of what a good day trader is by carefully getting prepared every morning for the trading day.

For this second interview, I wanted to get more details on things that have made Kim a successful Forex day trader. We focused a little more on the tool Kim uses as well as what she thinks aspiring Forex day traders can do to start seeing more results.

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“Consistency as a trader is a state of mind. Once you understand, that's the day you start to turn the corner.” – Kim Krompass (click to tweet)

Questions/Topics Covered…

  • What is new since the last interview? Has anything changed?
  • What does your day trader morning routine look like?
  • If you were to travel, how would you adapt your day trading activities? Would it be different?
  • What is your favorite trade setup as a Forex price action day trader?
  • How do you handle the bad days that come with trading?
  • As an educator, would you be willing to share your trading results? If not, why?
  • Do you believe in the value of trading signals?
  • Why do you think some traders still don’t succeed after taking on a trading course/program?
  • And much more!

Resources Mentioned

Kim Krompass' trading journal:

Kim Krompass' trading journal explained

An example of trading results (for a Forex price action day trader):

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100: The Success Of A Forex Price Action Day Trader (@PriceActionKim)