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146: Master Swing Trading Full-Time Or With A Job (@PaulJSingh)

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Master Swing Trading Full-Time Or With A Job ft. Paul Singh

Master Swing Trading Full-Time Or With A Job

In episode 146 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview day & swing trader Paul Singh from San Diego. We dive specifically into how to master swing trading full-time or doing it while having a full-time job.

To know more about Paul and his transition to swing trading full-time, listen to this prior episode of the podcast:

118: Going From Part-Time To Full-Time Trading

In today’s podcast, we are going a bit more into his swing trading practices. In addition to mastering swing trading, Paul decided to jump into day trading at some point after going full-time to spend as many activities while running and being responsible for swing trading at Bulls on Wall Street.

He has been able to help a lot of traders understand swing trading and do things right which means he’s doing the research beforehand, getting into the market with the proper mindset and executing properly, which is exactly what he shares about in this interview.

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who Paul is, what he does, and how he has been trading 2:07
  • How day trading is different from swing trading 4:10
  • Paul’s set-up for swing trading 8:12
  • Instances when Paul cuts his trade short 15:07
  • What Paul specifically looks at when buying a pullback 16:33
  • Signs Paul looks at when he’s getting pullbacks 20:30
  • Paul’s trading and non-trading habits that support his trading 22:12
  • What a typical day of a trader having a full-time job is 26:59
  • Doing the prep work for trading 28:48
  • Trading stocks versus trading forex 30:05
  • Longer-term trading 33:13
  • Paul’s view on leverage 36:31
  • Dealing with few days of big losses in his account 38:01
  • Books Paul recommends 41:06
  • Starting point and choosing profit targets 45:52
  • Favorite EMAs and tools Paul uses 48:26
  • How Paul “experiments” 49:35

Resources Mentioned

DesireToTRADE Top Resources

How To Find Paul Singh?

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  1. June 5, 2018 at 9:31 am

    Great interview if your interested in stocks, but I’m into Forex.
    I’m a member of your group and have tried to download your Top Resources, but for some reason no luck.
    If you could send them to my email robertweisbloom@gmail.com.
    Still trying to convince my wife to let me take the platinum course. I’ll have to hold off on the personal mentoring until I build up my account to where I want to be.
    It’s difficult when you’re on a disability pension and the $CAD is where it is.
    Why don’t you come visit Bulgaria, you’re just next door.
    Take care,
    Robert Weisbloom

    • June 9, 2018 at 1:56 pm

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for the comment!

      You can apply a lot of the things stocks traders do to Forex – as always doing your 2nd check on that is required.

      I think I’ve sent you the resources earlier in the week. If not, feel free to email me.

      Look forward working with you in the future!

      Best regards,