150: How To Trade Forex Like The Banks (@Tony_Sycamore)

How To Trade Forex Like The Banks - Tony Sycamore

How To Trade Forex Like The Banks

In episode 150 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Forex trader Tony Sycamore on how to trade Forex like the banks.

This week’s episode is a follow-up to a first episode I recorded a few months ago (in episode 103).

After his career as an institutional trader, he moved on to trade for himself and is now getting some partnership with different companies.

In this podcast, Tony shares how people trade in banks. If you've been wondering what kind of things people look at institutional traders, Tony is the perfect person to answer that.

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What I really like about Tony is the fact that he has a whole process when he looks at trades and he goes through a series of steps including looking at the big picture and looking at the context in which he’s going to trade. That’s something I think everyone should apply.

I personally got, once again, a lot of value from this interview and I’m sure you’ll do the same.

 Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who Tony is and what he does
  • Tony’s trading style
  • What other things Tony looks at in terms of candlesticks
  • Changes or things that Tony does differently since going from trading in big institutions
  • Having three positions or dividing into parts
  • Minimizing your risk
  • Tony’s routine and what he does on a daily basis
  • Specific stories Tony looks at
  • Having the right resources and using it
  • Technical analysis and where the value is in trades
  • Overall situations or issues that Tony trades on
  • Tony’s Technical Analysis Report
  • Putting stop-losses and profit targets

Resources Mentioned

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150: How To Trade Forex Like The Banks (@Tony_Sycamore)