163: Creating The Right Mindset For Trading (@MPX_Trader)

Creating The Right Mindset For Trading

Creating The Right Mindset For Trading

In episode 163 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I am bringing back full-time day trader and trading psychology coach Mandi Pour Rafsendjani to discuss how, as a trader, you can create the right mindset for trading and your daily activities.

This is how you get from whatever stage you’re at when you wake up or when you “start” to trade to “being ready” to trade.

Watch the video interview here!

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • Who Mandi Pour Rafsendjani is and what she exactly does
  • How to get the right mindset for trading and how you should go about it
  • There is no “magic pill” in trading
  • How hanging on to a losing trade is not good for traders
  • Having a support team and the right people around you
  • How important making a plan is
  • When and what is the best way to consult a coach
  • How to prepare yourself in the context of your whole life
  • Mastering the Wheel of Life
  • How to put things in place to get it right from the start especially for beginners
  • Seeing many markets and what happens
  • Meditating before trading versus mindfulness
  • How mindfulness improves Mandi’s trading
  • Self-sabotaging behavior among traders
  • Eliminating your negative beliefs in trading
  • Being willing to face challenges
  • What you need to provide to get capital from an investor
  • “Priming” your mind
  • How to present a trading strategy to people who don’t know about trading
  • Why Mandi has no time limits in trading
  • And many more!

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163: Creating The Right Mindset For Trading (@MPX_Trader)