3 Essential Daily Routines For Forex Swing Traders

The 3 Essential Daily Routines For Forex Swing Traders

In this Montreal Forex trading vlog, I discuss 3 of my daily routines swing Forex traders can use to see more results. Vlog #200.

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Routine #1: Getting In The Right State Of Mind

I'm doing a mix of meditation and visualization in the morning. That helps you make the right decision when you are in front of the charts.

Routine #2: Set Your Trading Reminders

I use calendar reminders that remind me to look at the charts every 4 hr. Those are set at 9:00 am, 1:00 pm, 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm (adjusted for every time zone when I travel).

Also, since I work usually in blocks of 1hr (50 mins of work + 10 mins of break), I make it a habit to look at the 1hr charts of the currency pairs I follow at the end of the 50 minute period of work. That quickly becomes automatic.

Routine #3: Note Things Down In Your Journal

I'm a big fan of journaling and noting things down. I have a small notebook in front of my computer at all times that I use to write down trade ideas for the day.

I also use a slightly bigger notebook to write down growth ideas.

How about you? Have you experienced with similar daily routines? Comment below and let's chat!

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3 Essential Daily Routines For Forex Swing Traders