3 Full-Time Traders With Uncommon Advice! – Desire To Trade Live Show

3 Full-Time Traders With Uncommon Advice! – Desire To Trade Live Show

In this live show, Etienne is joined by two other full-time traders and good friends.

Michael Toma and Alejandro Perez are part of the Desire To Trade Team. They help students crush their trading goals inside the Desire To Trade Academy.

They are both experts in their field! Michael is a pro at risk management while Alejandro knows a lot about algorithmic trading.

What you will learn in this video are the experiences that these 3 full-time traders have had and their thoughts on different topics raised by the viewers. You will be able to watch them talk

about how they started trading and the different strategies they use in order to be successful in trading.

Here are the different questions asked during the live discussion:

  • What are your thoughts on different trade charts 6:05

  • How much should you risk per trade percentage-wise 15:03

  • How did you get started  17:24

  • Should I trade several strategies or should I just perfect one? 31:01

  • What can I expect the drawdown would be if I target 1% gained from my account everyday? 39:28

  • Have you ever tried scalping gamma in options? If so how do you place an SL on the spot FX,  Previous day high or 1.5 ATR?  43:15

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3 Full-Time Traders With Uncommon Advice! – Desire To Trade Live Show