Almost At Take Profit Target (Here’s What To Do!)

In this Bangkok Forex trading vlog, I show you exactly what you should do when your trades are almost at your take profit target. Vlog #543

I’m almost there – one of the most challenging situations is having a nice swing trade almost at target. I have green on my screen but it’s not banked. What should you do, especially when your indicators start to reverse?

Every trader has gone through this frustration but here are some tips on what to do in this ‘nice-to-have’ problem.

Let it go.

You’ve done your analysis and risk management before the trade. The odds are in your favor, so just leave it alone. Remember, taking profits early is not only a plan violation, but can screw up your equity curve.

Reduce risk

Have your plan spell out when you can reduce risk on a trade. Now you can breathe easier knowing you have no risk and only reward potential. Reduce size – another form of risk management, you get to lock in profits and let the runners run.

Don’t let your opinion get in the way.

If you look at a chart long enough, you’ll find something that will tell you to do something with your winning trade. Focus on what your plan will allow you to do rather than get a market opinion. You’re a trader, not a talking head on CNBC. In the long run, opinionated adjustments reduce your success rate and equity curve. Don’t do it!

Dare I say it – ADD to your position.

This may contradict the previous tip but if you’re a trend trader in a winning trade, perhaps adding to a pullback is not only a valid trade, but can turbocharge you to your original target while keeping risk in check. This method of scaling into winning trades (never losing ones!) can be an extremely profitable strategy without adding tons of risk on the trade.

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Almost At Take Profit Target (Here’s What To Do!)